Pain Relief Without Pills?


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From time to time, we can all experience those annoying little aches and pains in life, which can be frustrating and tiresome. From those sports injuries we incur during training regimes through to niggling issues that can sometimes make us feel a bit low.

I aim to help people who may be experiencing certain types of pain.

Pain can be a very subjective experience for an individual and I aim to try to help people who may be feeling some discomfort. I always provide a full and detailed explanation of how the therapy can help in the initial consultation.

Pain messages travel into the brain where they are interpreted into uncomfortable sensations and feelings.

Hypnotherapy aims to interrupt the pain signal with positive thinking techniques so the pain can then be eased. One of the main aims of each session is to focus on positivity to try to reduce the client’s stress levels.

We all live with our very own metaphorical “stress bucket”, which can start to fill when we experience stressful events or negative thinking.

Using a combination of positive thinking techniques and trance help reduce feelings of stress, which, in turn, can help us to cope better when faced with some types of pain.

Obviously people with chronic conditions and any ongoing type of pain should, if they haven’t already done so, see a fully-qualified doctor.

Where Solution Focused Hypnotherapy may be able to assist is by helping someone to focus on calming, relaxation techniques. A relaxed, positive state of mind encourages the production of serotonin, which is the naturally-produced chemical that helps us cope with life.

Serotonin can, in turn, interrupt pain signals being received in the brain. It is known as ‘pain gate theory’ because we are aiming to close a gate on the pain signal itself. Part of my training is to be able to work alongside a client’s GP should they feel it appropriate for us to do so.

All medical issues should always be directed to a fully-qualified doctor.