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Biography of Gareth Wait

Early Life and Origins

Gareth Wait was born in Folkestone, a coastal town in Kent, England, known for its historical ports and scenic beauty. His early years in Folkestone were formative, providing him with a sense of community and an appreciation for diverse landscapes and cultures. The family later moved to Pontypool in South Wales, where Gareth spent most of his childhood and adolescence. This transition from the bustling coastal environment of Folkestone to the culturally rich valleys of Pontypool played a significant role in shaping his perspectives on social and community issues.


A few years ago, Gareth and his family chose to settle in Blaenavon, South Wales. Known for its deep historical significance and as part of the Blaenavon Industrial Landscape, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this move marked a return to roots in a community steeped in resilience and heritage. Blaenavon now serves not only as Gareth’s home but also as an inspiration for his work in mental health and community well-being.

Diverse Career Path

Before fully embracing his calling in psychology and therapy, Gareth explored various career paths that enriched his understanding of different walks of life. His early professional experiences ranged from working as a theatre technician, where he honed his technical and creative skills, to engaging in craftsmanship as a carpenter. He also ventured into the world of retail, taking roles in sales and retail management, and eventually advancing to the position of a senior sales representative. These diverse roles not only broadened his interpersonal skills but also grounded him in real-world experiences, providing a robust foundation for his later work in psychology.

Pivotal Life Event and Career Shift

While working as a senior sales representative, Gareth experienced a profound and life-altering event. During a business trip, he suffered a severe panic attack in his hotel room, an experience so intense that he genuinely feared for his life. This terrifying incident was a turning point for Gareth. He sought help, only to discover that accessible mental health resources were sorely lacking. Motivated by his own struggle and the desire to prevent others from feeling as helpless as he did, Gareth decided to leave his career in sales and retrain as a therapist.

Specialised Training

Gareth’s formal training in psychotherapy took place at the prestigious Clifton Practice, where he studied under the tutelage of David Newton, founder of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (ASFH). This experience equipped him with advanced techniques tailored specifically towards anxiety, depression, and men’s mental health, areas in which he now specialises.

Authorship and Publishing

Gareth’s passion for writing and his desire to share his insights on mental health and personal development led him to the world of publishing. He authored several books in the ‘Self Help’ genre, including his notable works, “Empty Your Stress Bucket” and the forthcoming “Head in the Shed,” targeted specifically at adult men dealing with mental health issues. His writing is known for its clarity, empathy, and practical advice, making complex psychological concepts accessible to a broad audience.

Cat & Crow Initiatives

Together with his wife, Kat Marriott-Wait, and their daughter, Eleanor Wait, Gareth co-founded Cat & Crow, a multi-faceted company dedicated to enhancing mental well-being through various innovative projects. As a project lead at Cat & Crow Publishing and Cat & Crow Therapies, Gareth has been instrumental in developing resources that support mental health in accessible and engaging ways. His work includes leading workshops, speaking at events, and creating content that extends the reach of therapeutic practices beyond traditional settings.

Personal Life

Gareth is married to Kat Marriott-Wait, his partner both in life and in their mutual quest to enhance community well-being through Cat & Crow. They are parents to two children, Eleanor and Joe, who both inspire and motivate Gareth’s continuous commitment to his work and personal development. His family life enriches his understanding of the dynamics within family structures, which he often brings into his therapeutic practices.


Gareth Wait’s career is a testament to his dedication to improving mental health through creative and accessible means. His work not only enriches his community but also contributes to broader discussions on mental well-being, making him a respected figure in both the literary and therapeutic landscapes. As he continues to write, teach, and lead, Gareth remains a beacon of innovation and compassion in the field of mental health.

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